How much time will it take for my items to import?

When you submit your eBay importing job, plan on it taking at least 15 minutes for each import job in front of yours before yours begins. After your job has started, the time it will take to finish importing depends on the number of items in your eBay store. It can range from a couple minutes if you have 10-20 items, to several hours if you have thousands.

What happens if I import my items multiple times?

By default, subsequent item imports will only pay attention to (and add in your catalog) items that were added to your eBay account since the last eBay import.

If you made changes to your listings on eBay after you've already imported them to Pricematik those changes will show in your catalog if you run an other import.

Do I need to stay logged in during my import?

No! Your items will import whether you're logged into Pricematik or not.