This article will teach you about linking.

Every listings in your Listing Manger must be linked to a supplier product in order for repricing and inventory management to work.

The link between supplier products and listings allows data to flow back and forth from the supplier website to PricematikLinking passes the inventory status, price and so on of the supplier products to your listings.

The linking functionality in Pricematik is smart and efficient. Listings will be automatically linked to supplier products whenever possible but in some cases you will need to manually link your listings.

There are 2 ways to link listings to supplier products:

1) Link listings automatically

Linking during a Listing Import

If Pricematik finds a matching supplier product for an imported listing, it will automatically link the imported listing to that supplier product. 

Creating a new listing using the Pricematik Lister

Listings you create using the Pricematik Lister are automatically added to your Listing Manger and linked with their corresponding supplier product. 


2) Link listings manually

Listings can be manually linked to supplier products from your Listing Manager. Listings can also be unlinked from one product and re-linked to another. How to manually link a listing