This article will teach you how to link listings to supplier products manually.

Every listings in your catalog must be linked to a supplier product in order for repricing and inventory management to work.

How to manually link a listing

  1. Go to Listing Manger > All listings, located in the side menu.
  2. Find the unlinked listings in your Listing Manger.

  3. Click on the Link supplier product button.
  4. Entrer to supplier product URL in the popup window and click the Search button.

  5. Confirm you have the right supplier product and click the Link Product button.

How to unlink a listing

If you find your listing linked to the wrong supplier product, you can click "(unlink)" on the listing to remove the link, and then repeat the process above.

Additionally, manually linked listing will never be unlinked during an import, so if you take the time to link listings, a new import will never undo that work.