This article will teach you how to populate your Listing Manager in Pricematik.

Let's review. So far you've completed the following steps:

  1. Link Your eBay Account

One of the most important parts of getting started with Pricematik is populating your Listing Manager. Items in your Listing Manager can be manage and reprice by Pricematik following your rules.

How to populate your Listing Manager

There are 2 ways to build your listing Listing Manager:

1) Create listings with the Pricematik Lister

New listings created with the Pricematik Lister are automatically added to your Listing Manager. Creating a new listing only takes a minute, and you can start listing new products immediately. How to create listings

2) Import your existing eBay items

Pricematik can grab the active listings you have for sale on eBay and import them to your Listing Manager.  How to import my eBay listings