This article will teach you how to import your existing listings from eBay.

Let's review. So far you've completed the following steps:

  1. Link Your eBay Account

Pricematik can grab the listings you have for sale on eBay and import them to your Listing ManagerListings in your Listing Manager can be manage and reprice by Pricematik following your rules.

There are 2 goals when importing listings:

1) Import listings

The first goal is to get your listings into Pricematik.

2) Link your listings to supplier products

The second goal is to make sure each of your listings is linked with it corresponding supplier product. Every listings in your Listing Manger must be linked to a supplier product in order for repricing and inventory management to work. Learn more on linking

How to import listings

To import your listings, go to your Listing Manager > Import from eBay, and click on the Import my eBay listings button.

To learn more read the Import FAQ