Have you ever found something on eBay and noticed it cheaper on Amazon?

Pricematik allows users to sell on eBay using the lower priced items from Amazon and other suppliers and keep the difference in your pocket. Pricematik will list the item on eBay for you, insert the correct images and description, reprice your eBay listings and check the quantity from suppliers like Amazon and WalMart to make sure you earn a profit. It will also automatically find profitable products for you to sell on eBay. Our software takes the long process of sourcing profitable products, creating listings & maintaining listings and does it all without any effort. 

If you wouldn't mind, we would love for you to try, click here at https://pricematik.com/sign-up.aspx to create your free account. You can try all the Pricematik tools & feature for free for 14 days or you can use our forever free plan that gives you access to our "single item lister".


What is stopping you from trying? 
We ask because knowing this will be very helpful in making our service better. Just hit "New support ticket" and let us know. 

Thanks & Good luck!